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This podcast is dedicated to providing the key ingredients to transform your employees into a dream team that creates consistent results in every aspect of the business including; team empowerment, leadership, business development, communication hiring, and firing. 

As some of the country’s leading staffing & management consultants, we help business owners (Entrepreneurs) and the team that support them (Intrapreneurs) to powerfully connect and work together to grow the business, together.

Aug 6, 2019

Jared Correia, Founder, and CEO of Red Cave Law Firm Consulting, shares strategies, and simple actionable tips to help manage your workflow and empower employees through delegation.


What You Will Learn in This Episode

  • Basic steps to get you started outlining your processes
  • Who should help structure your workflows
  • How to get input and buy-in from every employee involved in your process
  • Why you should consider non-traditional hires to help manage technology and workflow
  • Structuring your workflow with verifiable processes
  • Where you’re probably wasting money on subscription-based technology


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About Jared Correia

Jared D. Correia, Esq. is the Founder and CEO of Red Cave Law Firm Consulting, which offers subscription-based law firm business management consulting and technology services for solo and small law firms. Red Cave also works with legal institutions and legal-facing corporations to develop programming and content. 

A former practicing attorney, Jared has been advising lawyers and law firms for over a decade. He is a regular presenter at local, regional and national events, including ABA TECHSHOW. Jared regularly contributes to legal publications, including his column, ‘Managing,’ for Attorney at Work, and his ‘Law Practice Confidential’ advice column for Lawyerist. 

Jared is the author of the American Bar Association publication ‘Twitter in One Hour for Lawyers’.  He is the host of the Legal Toolkit podcast on Legal Talk Network.