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This podcast is dedicated to providing the key ingredients to transform your employees into a dream team that creates consistent results in every aspect of the business including; team empowerment, leadership, business development, communication hiring, and firing. 

As some of the country’s leading staffing & management consultants, we help business owners (Entrepreneurs) and the team that support them (Intrapreneurs) to powerfully connect and work together to grow the business, together.

Oct 10, 2019

J.D. Houvener shares insight into how adding specialized Of Counsel attorneys can transform your law practice.

He founded Bold IP with the mission to enable innovators to improve our world. It has grown to over 40 offices with world-class patent attorneys nationwide ready to enable visionaries with top-quality patents, trade secrets, and more.


Adopting an Entrepreneurial Mindset


  • J.D. saw a need and that gave him a very clear vision for the business he wanted to build
  • Get out of the old way of thinking of your law firm that is a profession, rather than a business
  • Be open to offering new areas of practice to better serve your clients
  • Utilize technology to minimize overhead
  • Referrals are the best marketing because they are highly qualified and have the best conversion rates
  • Be curious and ask clients what projects they are working on as a way to spot opportunities for expanded legal services


Benefits of Adding Specialized Of Counsel to Your Law Practice 


  • Do more business
  • Make more money
  • Serve more people and make more of an impact
  • You can have fun with it
  • Fee split
  • No overhead attached to it
  • Value add for the client
  • Gives you a multidisciplinary practice where you are seen as the expert


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