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This podcast is dedicated to providing the key ingredients to transform your employees into a dream team that creates consistent results in every aspect of the business including; team empowerment, leadership, business development, communication hiring, and firing. 

As some of the country’s leading staffing & management consultants, we help business owners (Entrepreneurs) and the team that support them (Intrapreneurs) to powerfully connect and work together to grow the business, together.

Apr 25, 2019

Today’s Mind Blowing episode on Hiring & Empowering Solutions, spotlights George Carroll on how to uncover, connect and begin sharing your Purpose Story in a way to increase connection, engagement and ultimately enrollment with your client, community and power partners in your marketplace.


In this episode...

Apr 25, 2019

Founder of the Hiring & Empowering Solutions podcast. Molly will share what she has done over 22 years of building, coaching and empowering law firms across the nation to get their employees to step up and lead.


In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What’s an Intrapreneur and why do I want one?
  • The Employee Playbook: How...

Apr 25, 2019

Kelley Keller is nationally known as “” Trademark Attorney in Harrisburg, PA. Kelly is a serial Entrepreneur & Relentless Legal and Business Educator.

Today’s topic: “When you hold onto an underperforming Employee for far too long: How to finally Fire quickly with confidence, ease, and...

Apr 25, 2019

Meredith Glendening- Law Firm Marketing Director of Sechler Law Firm in Mars, PA on “How to go from Employee mindset to an Intraprenuer who knows what it means (and takes) to have your attorneys back while protecting their time and energy.”


Show Notes:

Whether you’re a new employee or a veteran employee, hear...

Apr 15, 2019

Learn more about the Hiring and Empowering Solutions podcast, and meet your host Molly McGrath.


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