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This podcast is dedicated to providing the key ingredients to transform your employees into a dream team that creates consistent results in every aspect of the business including; team empowerment, leadership, business development, communication hiring, and firing. 

As some of the country’s leading staffing & management consultants, we help business owners (Entrepreneurs) and the team that support them (Intrapreneurs) to powerfully connect and work together to grow the business, together.

May 31, 2022

Mathew Kerbis is the Founding Attorney of Subscription He is also the host of the “Law Subscribed” podcast. Most law firms don’t work on a subscription based model but after working with a few firms, Mathew saw the light and realized that you can make a law practice work based on tiers and subscriptions. Mathew joins host Molly McGrath to talk about how to make a subscription model work in your law firm.



  • Lawyers are considered too expensive for the general public. This comes from the debt from going to law school and when they get out, they charge a large rate to make the most money to pay off the loans.
  • A subscription model allows you to scale your business in a better and more efficient way rather than any other model. It allows you to take on more clients with less hires.
  • Fostering relationships is a great way to build your business and clients as well. You want to get involved in the community and it’s easier than ever with all the apps now.
  • Be nice to everybody and be somebody that people can rely on. Then when people are going to need your services they will be more likely to pay for them.
  • You have to be thinking about what your clients are getting out of paying a monthly amount for legal services.
  • Anytime you talk with a client, you want to get what they have to say in writing so that you can always go back to it during calls and make it unique to them.
  • To make subscription model work perfectly you have to accept payment through debit and credit cards.

Quote of the Show:

6:00 “Lawyers are just too expensive for the general public. And so what could we do about it? The subscription model is a business model that you can scale your clients and your business, unlike any other model.”


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