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This podcast is dedicated to providing the key ingredients to transform your employees into a dream team that creates consistent results in every aspect of the business including; team empowerment, leadership, business development, communication hiring, and firing. 

As some of the country’s leading staffing & management consultants, we help business owners (Entrepreneurs) and the team that support them (Intrapreneurs) to powerfully connect and work together to grow the business, together.

Aug 31, 2021

Today I'm giving you a framework to help you and your employees make informed business decisions. When you have a strategy or a plan, you feel empowered, and less freaked out about making a decision.

The top business areas where we see people getting jammed up are with people, processes, production, profitability, and lastly, marketing.

I'm going to help you make business decisions from a place of responding rather than reacting. We are taking the emotion out of decision-making and replacing it with a process.

Steps to Making Informed Business Decisions

  • Name the issue where you need to make a decision
  • Make a pro/con list, starting with the pros
  • Put an appointment on your calendar for one week out as the day you will make your decision
  • Keep notes throughout the week as you think about the decision you. need to make
  • Identify the energy, emotions, time, and money output currently associated with what you are analyzing
  • Make the decision and trust yourself

After you've made your decision, don't worry about the "how" or the logistics. Instead, declare your decision and share it immediately with someone. Ask for accountability and support on this and come up with the deadline.

Once you've decided, don't start second-guessing yourself. Do not let people around you talk you out of taking your decided action. Instead, trust your decision and let go.

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