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Nov 16, 2021

The person answering the phone in your law firm is the make or break of your calendar, conversions, and revenue. Period.

You must be intentional about managing the experience, the conversation, and the narrative when a client or potential client calls your law office. You are losing money when you’re not managing this experience.

Suppose the person answering the phone doesn't go above and beyond to create a fantastic experience. In that case, your job as an attorney or paralegal is irrelevant because you won't have any meetings. This person is your Director of First Impressions. They are the strongest salesperson in your firm.

We are reviewing reporting weekly, and the conversion rates are night and day when the phone experience is managed well.

Even when using an outsourced service, you still must design the process and manage the experience. For example, the person answering the phone for the service needs to make people feel acknowledged, understood, and heard. Their job is to make the process as easy as possible.

Invest in someone who is completely dedicated to you, where you have full control of the tonality, message, narrative, and script they are using when answering the phone. And if you're outsourcing, get control of that immediately to make sure the service is following the process you've created.

Call your office periodically to see what the phone experience is like for yourself. Do you have the experience you would want for a client? Is it easy to get to the person you're trying to reach? Does it sound like you've been disconnected? Were you asked if you were an existing client?

Remember that the person answering your phone in your law firm is the make or break of your calendar, conversions, and revenue.

What You Will Learn in this Episode

  • Where potential clients are getting frustrated when they call your firm
  • The number one question killing your client experience
  • How to create a better experience for potential clients
  • Why you need to control the narrative and experience for potential clients
  • Why you need to make an intentional investment in the person answering your phones

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